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Judo is a form of martial arts in which opponents attempt to throw or wrestle each other to the ground. (source; The sport was created by a man named Jigoro Kano in 1882. (source; Since then the sport has flourished with many judo Dojos and gyms being established across the globe. Judokas, or people who practice judo wear judogis which is also known simply as a gi. Gis resemble a basic bathroom robe, they are thick and cloth like. Also, they are tied around the waist with a belt. There are 7 main belt colors: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and black. In judo, this belt represents the judokas level of experience in the sport. Belts can also have degrees, like a second degree black belt…show more content…
Throws and submissions are both scored in a different way. When being scored, the force and control of the throw or pin is taken into account. You can score a ippon, wazari, yuko, or koka. Ippons are the highest you can score. An ippon is scored when you throw your opponent so that their back completely touches the mat. Wazaris are scored when an opponent falls partially on there back, two wazaris equal one ippon. Next are yukos and kokas. A yuko is only 5 points and is scored when an opponent falls mostly on there side. Kokas are 3 points and are scored when an opponent falls on there thighs or buttocks. (source for paragraph; Pins are scored based of how long it is held, and also whether or not if an opponent "taps out". Tapping out means that during a pin or choke, an opponent taps on the mat or the other person with there fingers or toes to stop the match. An ippon can be scored by a pin or choke that causes the other opponent to tap out. (source; With all these rules and fighting, to some judo can seem intense. That may be true, but it can teach you many valuable lessons plus get you into great shape. Anyone who practices judo will tell you that it has strongly effected them in a positive
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