Junie B. Jones: A Personal Analysis

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Every night my mom would read me a chapter or two of a “Junie B Jones” book. I couldn't wait until I was old enough to read by myself. I enjoyed reading when I first learned how. The first series I really liked was “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. I’ve read every single book in the series. Whenever a new book from the series would come out, i’d get it first thing the next day. I never really read that often after I finished the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series. Those books really entertained me and anything else I read from the point didn't sway me. In fourth grade, I had a really awesome teacher that was really hard on me, but I really believe she helped me the most. I don't remember everything we did, I really don’t remember most of the stuff we did. I just remember getting to 5th grade and writing was so easy for me. So was math, science, etc. In 4th grade, all of my friends were reading this book “Found” by Margaret Peterson Haddix. They were talking about it all the time. I’d seen them reading it after tests, during reading time. It tempted me to read the book too. I’d say the book was a little hard for a 4th grader to read. All of my friends were always a little ahead of me when it came to stuff like that. I started reading the …show more content…

I’m good at finding what's wrong with sentences, but I don't want to read a five page story for 4 questions. I got my results the other day, and I barely hit the proficient line. It was way better than my freshman years. Actually all my finals were proficients, because I studyed harecore for them. I only did it because if I didn't have all C’s and above last semester, I couldn't be in Touch of Class. This is my first year in Touch of Class and so far it’s amazing. We are going to carnegie hall in March, so it was a good thing I got my grades up. They were supposed to go to Florida last year and I hadn’t tried out that year, and that sucked. But the trip got canceled, so we planned on going New

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