Junior Leadership Program

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Class 12
In the beginning of my junior year, I applied to the Junior Leadership Program of El Paso, a well-known and competitive organization within our city. The application is only open to current juniors in high school and I was one of the lucky four to be selected to represent our school in the program. This was the first time Northwest Early College High School would participate in the program. Within the first month, I met with forty other students from other high schools around El Paso and we soon became close friends. Our first meeting with each other, was a team building exercise where we got to experience a Ropes Course. Not only did we have to depend on each other, but we cheered each other on to the finish. That is all it took …show more content…

They were surprised just like many of the parents were of our accomplishment. After a few weeks of our graduation, Creative Kids let us know that they would use the money to start a music program within their organization to give children the option between artwork and making music. They used it to buy instruments, music sheets, and much more. Although the complications took up most of our time to plan, we stuck together as El Paso’s Junior Leaders and gave the classes after us a standard to keep up. I learned more about my hometown in those few months than I did my whole life living there. So many opportunities were given to us such as interning and volunteering that I was surprised how many activities students of El Paso were missing out on. Due to this program, I learned that I wanted to come back to my hometown after school and practice medicine as a way to give back. It is a city that is slowly growing and I would love to spend the rest of my life in it, a thought I would have never come across if it were not for Junior Leadership of El Paso. The money raised by our class became a great opportunity for many children in El Paso and I am truly grateful to have been part of that

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