Junior Years Research Paper

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Junior Reflective Essay

Tony Robbins once said, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”. This essay directly correlates with that quote. Through this reflective essay, I will be reevaluating goals that I have previously set, and showing the creation of new goals for the future. This essay in itself will assist me in laying out these goals for myself, as well as reflecting on what I have done this year, who I am as a learner, and where I see myself going in the future.
Throughout junior year, I have been able to better define myself. I have been able to see not only what I value in myself, but also in others. I have realized in this past year that I value free-thinkers and independent personalities. My favorite hobbies include horseback riding, skiing, and creating change in the world. I am not fond of working, but I have realized that it is a necessary evil. I define myself as a hard worker and someone who enjoys working towards my goals, as opposed to just having things handed to me in life.
This year, I have struggled in things I have never really struggled in before. I have encountered challenges in math specifically, as well as my two AP classes,
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My short term goals for the next year or so include continuing working at Market Basket (at least until I am 18 and able to work elsewhere). I will be taking AP Psychology and AP World History next year, which I feel I will enjoy immensely. Also, I obviously plan to complete high school and move forward to a university. My long term goals are to attend a university where I will complete my bachelor’s degree and move forward towards a graduate program. After that, I would like to have a steady job for a couple years after graduation before starting a family of my own. Between all of those events, I would love to travel the world more than I previously
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