Justice In The Republic And Saint Augustine's Confessions

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What is the model society? Is it the Republic that Socrates creates in Plato’s Republic where everything is surrounded around justice? Saint Augustine believes that a model society is one where people convert to Christianity and let God within their soul as seen in Confessions. Sophocles view in Ajax is the more liked citizens receive preferential treatment by the gods and goddess. While all these society function, their can only be one model society. The model society will have citizens who act justly and let God inside themselves, as seen in Plato’s Republic and Saint Augustine’s Confessions. The Republic by Plato is about an Socrates’ ideal society, and begins by finding aa definition of what justice is. Socrates and Glaucon discuss “I expect then, to find justice in the following way. I think our city, if indeed it has been correctly founded, is completely good. Yes, it must be. Clearly then, it is wise, courageous, temperate, and just” (Page 112) Socrates, the character who is building the model society, finally figures out how he is going to find justice in Book 4. Socrates determines the city and the soul must contain the four virtues of being wise, courageous, temperate, and just. He needs to define what each of the virtues truly mean. After defining what it means for a city and the soul to be wise, courageous, and temperate, he defines what it means to be just. Socrates defines a just city as, “When moneymaking, auxiliary, and guardian class each do their own work

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