Justice League History

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This is the point when everything changes. Flash lost his mother when he was child and he has carried that weight throughout his life.Until one day he could not handle it. His entire life is a series of unfortunate events and it broke him. He used the power he was granted to go back in time to save his mothers life. This caused a time boom. History itself changed. Bruce Wayne died in the ally 20 years ago instead of his parents so batman is Thomas Wayne. Atlanteans and Amazoneans are at war. The World is in WWIII. He eventually saw the error of his ways and stopped himself from saving his mother. Yet when he did so time reset itself. It allowed one unknown individual to go back and erase ten years of history. …show more content…

He had been erased with those 10 years. So he went around in the new world hoping someone could remember him. Since no one knew him he was almost gone from existance until the flash pulled him out last second. Now Flash, Batman and Wally are in search for who did this.

The new 52 origin of the Justice League is different and more direct from the previous versions. The Justice Leagues meet up and team up was more absurd and unplanned as it is normally Batman who brings the team together. It starts off with a few panned attacks in multiple cities. The Gaurdians(boss of green lanterns which are basically galactc police) send Hal Jordan to investigate the attacks since Earth is his homeworld. They believe the attacks were extraterrestrial due to high nergy signals in the area. Hal Jordon heads to Gotham were the latest signal came and encouters batman. He could not believe his eyes that Batman was actually real. Batman was fighting an extraterrestrial but stopped when realized Hal was there. Eventually they both team up and chase the alien down into the sewers. This is when Hal realizes Batman is just a human and not a

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