Juvenile Gun Violence Essay

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Juvenile Gun Violence Juvenile gun violence is an ever-increasing problem in our country. With a wave of school shooting behind us it is time to get this under control. Many studies have been done on how to effectively diminish juvenile gun violence. It is clear that this must be handled on a state and local level with the federal government backing the states. Prevention and law enforcement is the key to successfully eradicate our nation of the ugly stain caused by youth gun violence. Prevention should begin in the home. Studies show that "gun ownership by adults and the introduction of their children into recreational gun culture appears to reduce problems associated with teenage violence" (Bilchik 11). If a child has grown…show more content…
Conflict management and anger management should be taught in the schools. Give juveniles other options besides resorting to violence. Welsh states that with these programs "youths involved in disputes learn how to identify their interests in a specific interaction, express their views, listen attentively, and seek mutually acceptable solutions (Welsh 192). Programs that teach students about gun safety and gun misuse including accidental shootings should be implemented into schools, especially in areas of high gun violence. Begin teaching children at an early age that guns are not toys and should never be handled without adult supervision. Explain to children that a gunshot wound is a very serious injury and is not like they see on TV. Children should be talked to about guns and why they are only to be used by adults. Households with children and guns can be an extremely dangerous situation. If the child is told simply to not touch the gun then his/her first reaction will be curiosity about it. Teach children about firearms and always practice gun safety rules. The National Rifle Association gives tips on proper safe gun handling, "always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use" (Connors 1). If a parent talks to the child about guns and proper gun safety then the child is less likely to be involved in gun violence. Educating
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