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E108 – Working with Young People | Lisa MarshallTMA01 | C6450235 | October 2013 |


Part 1: Exploring an audiovisual case study 3 Part 2: Reflecting on Learning 6 Bibliography 7

Part 1: Exploring an audiovisual case study a) What are Scott and Jean trying to achieve with the icebreakers?
Scott and Jean’s Icebreaker activities serve several different purposes, the first of which being to encourage the group to come together as a whole and get to know one another. The initial activity did a fabulous job of encouraging the youngsters to introduce themselves to their peers in a fun and non intimidating way. It ‘broke the ice’ (LGBT Youth Scotland clips 2-6). If the introductions had been done with a greater amount …show more content…

Informal education is totally different to the type of education that takes place within schools. Young people are not taught the objectives defined by a teacher as they would be in a classroom, they are encouraged to work things out for themselves as an active learner. An educator’s role in informal education is ‘to create situations in which young people can identify their own goals for learning’ (Mackinnon, 2013 p13). In this instance (LGBT activity) the students were placed in small groups and given the agenda i.e. where they would like Peer Education to be in two months time. From this they worked together to discuss and identify the skills and barriers involved in peer education. However they did not sit in a group around a table as you would expect to find with group activities taking place in a school, instead they grouped using the furniture and floor space around the room in an informal manner and discussed issues within their group rather than being directed by Scott or Jean whose input was merely to work around the groups asking relevant questions to encourage independent thinking therefore ‘the practitioner becomes a facilitator of opportunities in which young people can work collaboratively on projects or activities’ ( Mackinnon, 2013 p13) . Once the groups had discussed their ideas they relayed what they had learnt as one large group, sometimes sharing personal experiences which showed how confident and at ease they

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