Kansas State Rivalry

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The next factor involved in attending a sporting event is the overall atmosphere which to me is always the best at a college sporting event. While controversial, the Kansas State vs. Kansas game is notorious for a certain chant when the game rolls into Manhattan. Typically, towards the end of the second half of the game the song Sandstorm by Darude is played and a chant of “F*ck KU” rings out from the Kansas State student section. As I have many friends that go to school at K-State this chant is something all the students look forward to as I have even personally heard the chant at football games. While not respectful and flat out wrong, this chant is something that I consider a part of the rivalry. Some may have a very different view on this, but I believe things could be much…show more content…
There was a bunch of events throughout the game that I noticed such as a furniture company having someone shoot from a recliner to win a recliner or a trivia round where contestants could win money and tickets to an upcoming game. As I work within the marketing department in Wichita State athletic department, we handle all the event extenders at home basketball games so this is one thing that I was sure to pay attention to. The events that they had were much shorter and faster than what we have, whether that was due to TV time cuts or just a department choice they were almost hard to catch. The halftime show at this event was decent as it was a group of kids who did tricks with jump ropes, but it was nothing that captured the crowd and really entertained them. One section of time they used very well was time at timeouts. Every timeout there was some sort of video, advertisement, or statistic that they had to show which made everything seem smooth and flawless. Overall the fan opportunities and event extenders were used very well and very
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