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Keep It Liquid
The objective of this lab was to witness the change in temperature of cyclohexane with different substances added. There are certain techniques for a solid, liquid, and a gas to have a certain phase change (Hall, 15). There are also different ways for there to be a phase change when it involves a solid, liquid, or a gas. The process of phase change is usually being witnessed in the different weather changes we have. When snow begins to fall in the winter it falls as a liquid, starts to freeze from the atmosphere, then fully freezes when it is set on the ground from the winter temperature. It then begins to melt and turn back into a liquid as the temperature begins to heat up, then evaporates as the liquid starts to boil and steam up. (Phase Change, 17). In this experiment, we hypothesized that our trial three with 0.612 grams of benzoic acid would have the greatest effect on temperature change since it held the greatest amount of mass.
Due to safety hazards that can occur with this lab, start by placing on our safety goggles before we …show more content…

In results, we see how much each trial had been effected with the different substances and different amounts added to cyclohexane.
In an experiment similar to ours, after their data has been obtained, the enthalpy curve is calculated to be calculated (Haun, 2017). In our experiment, the freezing point of cyclohexane is 6.55 °C (Solvents, 2017). With trial two and three, we calculated the molarity and molality. For trial two, we had the molarity of 0.637160081 M and had the molality of 8.188m, which is provided below.

In this equation shown above, our trial three our molarity ended up as 0.63716014 M and our molality ended up being 8.18627m.
Table 1.1
(grams of cyclohexane)
Additive Substance
Mass of Additive
Lowest Temperature (°C)
Highest Temperature (°C)
1. 4.947

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