'Kenneth Slessor's poetry is distinctive because of its strong images'. Discuss

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Slessors poetry is distinctive in that it evokes string images by emphasising the mood and the setting of his subjects. He uses poetic devices such as personification, metaphors and sound to highlight his philosophical views on life.

Slessors philosophical view is evident in the poems "North country".

"North Country" demonstrates the lack of concern towards the country land enforced by loggers. It 's a discovery of change from a peaceful country environment to the harsh and cruel takeover by technological advances in which nature is destroyed.

"When boughs at last relinquish their clench of blowing air", this demonstrates Slessor 's concern for the loss of the trees grip on life and their struggle to remain tall. The trees have been …show more content…

He believes in the slow pace of life brings upon a friendly environment with little need or reason to progress.

Through Slessors strong images of continuity and timelessness amongst society of the country towns portrayed in "North Country" with his forceful philosophical views; the great extent of distinctiveness is revealed.

The use of poetic devices such as metaphor and personification are a distinctive feature of "sleep".

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