Kenya: a Developing Country Essay

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Kenya: A Developing Country

With the discovery of certain human fossils, some being over 3 million years old, many paleontologists believe that Kenya was the “cradle of humanity.” Currently, Kenya’s population is comprised of over 97 percent of people of African descent with nearly 40 ethnic groups. Lying on the equator between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda, Kenya is located on the eastern coast of Africa. Kenya is one of the most famous safari destinations in Africa, attracting people from all over. Its rich culture and beautiful environments make it one of the most favored places to visit in the world. In the first section of this paper I will discuss the historical background of Kenya, including its early economical success in …show more content…

Throughout the 1950s, Kenya was under a state of emergency due to the rising resistance of the Mau Mau, Kenyan rebels, against British rule. Military troops were brought in from Britain and surrounding African colonies, but due to the lack of intelligence of Mau Mau the British struggled to gain control of the fighting. Following the capture of a top Mau Mau chief, General China, in 1954, the British obtained more information on the Mau Mau’s command structure. In the following years, the British obtained more troops, which lead to the capture of Dedan Kimathi, a top commander of Mau Mau, ultimately leading to the end of the fighting. In all, nearly 5,000 Mau Mau were killed. Not long after, the first government in Kenya was established by the Kenya African National Union of Jomo Kenyatta, following the Legislative Council elections in 1957. On December 12, 1963, Kenya declared its independence from Great Britain. (7, Gatheru)(8, Mwakikiagile) After the declaration of independence was established, the following year it adopted a republican form of government and switched from a parliamentary system to a presidential system the following year. At the time, the current leader of the Kenya African National Union, Jomo Kenyatta, was elected to be Kenya’s first President and held the position until his death in 1978. Although, at the time, KANU was the only political party allowed between 1969 and 1992, elections were

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