Kettleman Unloading Truck Rack # 2: A Case Study

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The Kettleman Unloading Truck Rack #2 is owned by Chevron North America Exploration and Production (CNAEP). Chevron Pipe Line Company (CPL) operates and maintains the unloading facility on behalf of CNAEP. The operations of this unloading system are coordinated by CPL and CNAEP. The maintenance of the pipeline system covered by this manual is performed by the CPL San Joaquin Field Team. Kettleman Station is located 0.5 miles south of Kettleman City near the intersection of I-5 Freeway and State Highway 41. It receives light and heavy oil from two truck racks located at the station into the storage tank, 24/7. Equipment associated with the unloading rack includes: One positive displacement truck rack receipt Smith 6” meter (#3033), Truck Unloading
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