Key Factors Within A Workplace Environment That Motivate Employees

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Motivation At Work
Priscilla Lays
Bus 304 - 02
University of San Francisco

Research Question What are some of the key factors within a workplace environment that motivate employees?
Within a corporation, employees are expected to achieve a high level of quality in their work. Excellent work is attainable with the support of one’s motivation. Motivation comes in many forms and not everyone would have the same motivation because people are motivated by different goals. Moreover, I believe that different surroundings and external factors contribute largely towards one’s motivation.
Literature Review
In the article “What is Motivation and How to Strengthen it” by Remez Sasson, motivation “is the inner power …show more content…

In my opinion, being paid enough plays an important role in the employee’s motivation because most Americans are unsatisfied with their work as a result of being underpaid. However, using money as an incentive to push someone to do better in the job will be detrimental to him or her in a sense that their morals will get destroyed when they encounter competition in the company. Besides that, it decreases one’s creative skills because he or she is too engrossed in obtaining the incentive. As an example, the employee will not be thinking of the results in the long run for the company, and will use all means and ways to achieve the goal even if it is not the right thing to do like cheating. Personally, I think using money will motivate an employee for a period of time but it will not be long lasting if he is not genuinely interested in his or her work. Employees who work in a comfortable environment will enjoy their work more than those who work in a less comfortable environment. However, more importantly, employees must show genuine interest in the work that they do for them to continue doing their job well in the long run. This may involve many things such as utilizing each employee’s different set of skills to place them in tasks, which suit their skills. An employee who enjoys their work will ultimately produce better results than one who does not.
To add on, Pink also mentions “on days when workers have the sense they’re making headway in

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