Key Players In Ww2 Essay

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There were seven main players within World War II:
• Adolf Hitler in Germany set up the Nazi Regime, he was also the dictator in Germany. He started the Holocaust, which ended up to at least 11 million people. He started the war when he invaded Poland in September 1939.
• General Hideki Tojo – Was prime minister of Japan he ordered Japan to go to war and attack Pearl Harbor He left the position after the dropping of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki , and was executed for war crimes.
• Benito Mussolini - Prime minister of Italy and became a close ally to Adolf Hitler Italy entered the war in 1940 on the side of Germany.
• Josef Stalin – dictator that lead the Soviet Union to fight Germany after they invaded Russia.
• Winston Churchill
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One organization called Care Package called for all Americans to show integrity and help send lifesaving food to war torn Europe. For Germany, it was France, Britain, United States, and Russia during the march to conquer Germany the Holocaust became apparent over 11 million people died at the hands of the Nazis, 6 million Jews and a mixture of 5 million different cultures, including Gypsys, Homosexuals, people with any physical or mental problems, anyone different was a target for the Nazi party. Displacement camps were established in Allied-occupied zones of Germany, Austria and Italy which at first they lived with people who were anti-Semitic then after a visit from Earl Harrison and he reported to President Truman it was a social responsibility, that the most of the Jewish people needed to be moved to other camps so they were moved to camps run by the US Jewish relief organizations and activists from Eretz Israel. In Japan, the United States Medical Forces, showed a lot of social responsibility and that helped with the fallout of the bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Help was needed for the victims that survived some had burns on 80% of their body, and those that seemed to have escaped died later of radiation
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