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How much will I pay in royalties and advertising? What fees will I pay when I become a KFC franchisee?
Initial Franchise Fee =

Monthly Service Fee (Royalties) =

Advertising =
$45,000 (if you open a KT multi-brand restaurant, the fees will be $75,000)

5 percent (5%) of Gross Sales

5 percent (5%) of Gross Sales (Includes national and local contributions)

The above amounts do not include the initial investment required to construct the restaurant building, training expenses, grand opening expenses or opening inventory. Please refer to the KFC Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Item 7, for more in-depth information on the total investment.

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Key holders of the restaurant could include the franchisee, an Above Store Leader, Restaurant General Manager or Assistant Manager. Training ranges from eight to ten weeks (depending on the unit to be opened) and is conducted both centrally in Louisville, KY and in certified training stores. There is a fee for the training and the Franchisee is responsible for all costs incurred including travel and lodging of the management team.

Do you have a quality assurance program? Who enforces quality?
KFC monitors quality using a variety of programs. One is a customer based shopper program where restaurants receive customer feedback on their store experience. Secondly, food safety audits are conducted by a third party service to ensure that food safety standards are met at the store level. Finally, the company conducts CFF Standards Audits in store and feedback is given to the operators regarding execution excellence. Franchisees are required to meet certain operating standards as part of their franchise agreement.

Will I be required to use specific accounting service software at my restaurant?
KFC’s FDD describes the type of electronic cash register system and software requirements to be used in the restaurant. It is strongly recommended that you use the KFC supported MERIT back-of-house operating platform. You must prepare and keep detailed records regarding all

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