King Oedipus Character Analysis

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Shepherd 1 and actors enter the stage. Shepherd 1 sits upstage of the actors in a chair, while the actors seat on the floor in a rough semicircle downstage of Shepherd 1. They strike a dramatic pose and enter tableau.

Narrator: Greetings everyone, and welcome, to the story of… The Murder of King Oedipus! Our story takes place in the mystical land of Thebes. A humble yet proud kingdom, reminiscent of an ethereal blend of ancient Rome, Ceylon, Shangri La and whatever else you would like, theres no set. Evil King Oedipus rules over the land of Thebes, striking fear into the hearts of all his subjects As many of you in attendance may know, Oedipus is a pretender to the throne, married to his own mother after the murder of his father! Ignoring the warnings of his closest friends and advisors, he remains blind to this fact, and executes all who entreat on him to warn him. Only one brave soul has escaped his wrath, and that is the Brave Shepherd who rescued him from the cliffs when a mere child! However, being a mere feather blown by the winds of fate, he must now bring an end to Oedipus’s Tyranny, through any means necessary.

Shepherd 1 – Now, we all know why we are here. For too long Oedipus’s cruel reign has smothered our delicate freedoms! The bees, the breeze, the seas, the rooks the brooks the gales the vales, the fountains and the mountains cry out “You lust for freedom, take it, we command you!” Tis a write in heaven direct by the gods sent up that bright barbed dart

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