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In this report, we will be analyzing the current performance of Kingsford in the marketplace and identify the main cause of revenue deterioration. Thereafter, a comprehensive strategy and marketing plan will be presented. We will begin with identifying current business orientation of Kingsford. Then, we will analyze its position in the marketplace and various external forces. In-depth analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of Kingsford is done to have a clearer picture on what should be done to boost its revenue and profit. The analysis theories used are Porter’s Five Forces, PEST, and SWOT. There are a few important findings that require immediate attention.

Kingsford is a superior product compared to
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The factors are tabulated below.

Figure 6: Analysis of Internal factors - Strength and Weaknesses

Figure 7: Analysis of External Factors - Opportunities and Threats

 Kingsford has a very good business opportunity, as there is positive growth in BBQ grilling events. Outdoor grilling a culture in the US.
 The main threat comes from gas grilling, which has several advantages like convenience and fast setup. Gas grilling has massive media spending, which increases customers’ awareness. Therefore, marketing strategies must focus on “attacking” gas grilling and improve the overall performance of charcoal category.
 Kingsford possess good MBAs and premium products, but inadequate A&P to communicate the advantages of charcoal grilling to consumers.
 Current marketing efforts successfully increase Kingsford market share in charcoal category, but it lacks focus on customers’ needs and wants (Marketing Orientation).
 The primary and unchallengeable advantage of charcoal grilling over gas grilling is the superior food taste. It is also supported by consumer survey.
 Kingsford may face production capacity problem if sales volume grows.

3.0 Proposed Strategies to Increase Revenue and Profitability
Kingsford dominates the charcoal category but overall the category is on the decline due to substitution effect by the consumers, despite the overall increase of barbeque events popularity.

3.1 Overall

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