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Dissertation Reviews: Hawkins and Heap
Amanda Klein
Liberty University
Dissertation Reviews: Hawkins and Heap
Hawkins, S. K. (2011). Economically disadvantaged students: A case study of resilient qualities that encourage academic success. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.

Hawkins Dissertation Summary
Hawkins (2011) completed a dissertation on Economical Disadvantaged Students: A Case of Resilient Qualities that Encourage Academic Success. More specifically, the case study looked at students who were both economically disadvantaged (ED) and academically successful. The students were from the same Caucasian family in Tennessee. The case study examined both risk factors as
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The findings of the study also confirmed a previous study conducted by Werner (2005), which indicated three areas of protective factors contributing to a student’s success. These included factors within the person, family factors, and community factors.
Hawkins Dissertation Analysis According to Ary, Jacobs, Razavieh, and Sorensen (2006), the nature of any qualitative research study can pose limitations and ethical issues which need to be considered. Even with taking these considerations into mind, because the object of the research was a “concrete human experience,” the researcher recognized that the use of a qualitative method was “the most adequate means of knowledge production” (Brinkmann & Kvale, 2005, p. 162). Hawkins (2011), made every effort to ensure the information obtained for the study was not extremely personal to minimize potential ethical issues. Additionally, permission was obtained by the review board as well as from the participants before any information was collected. The stated focus, intent, purpose, and research questions are clearly defined by the author. The reader is able to clearly understand these aspects of the research. Additionally, the author clearly identifies the problem and research questions, and the rationale for the research being conducted. Likewise, the methodology section clearly presents the manner in which the research was conducted and why the specific method was chosen. As a result, a fellow researcher
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