Knowledge Management Is Critical to the World Bank's Future

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Knowledge Management is critical to the World Bank’s future. Knowledge Management is a subset of IT and that the needs for KM were easily satisfied with technology based solution. A first shortcoming lies with senior leadership, many at the top of the bank equated KM early on with various IT based initiatives such as the global distance learning network or the development gateway. As a result, leadership never fully appreciated the peculiar characteristics of knowledge at the bank or its deeply social aspects.
There are few issues in this case study some of the important issues are:
Lake of coordination between the middle manager and operation staff
Reporting to CIO
Inconsistency in one team
Institutionalizing KM practices into their day to day work.
Knowledge Management is one of the most recent change administration methodologies, basically investigated by business, administration and steadily by the IT groups. The objective of knowledge management is to capture, store, keep up and convey valuable learning in a significant structure to any individual who needs it wherever and whenever inside an association. Fundamentally, knowledge management is coordinated effort at the association level. Knowledge Management can possibly alter the method for joint effort and use registering.
As information systems have multiplied in associations, it has been a regular conclusion to expect the expanded capability of utilizing current data innovations, for example, Internet, intranets,
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