LGBT Community Proposal Paper

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Learning Objectives:
• Help LGBT teens cope with homelessness
• Familiarize teens with different community resources available to them.
Learning Outcomes:
• Teens will be able to identify 3 different homeless shelters available to them
• Teens will be able to identify the high risk of homelessness within the LGBT community
• Teens will be able to identify 3 kinds of community resources available to them
• Teens will be able to model how to be an ally in the school setting
The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community has faces certain challenges within the heterosexual community, from homeless and ways in approaching accepting their sexuality without landing on the streets. The LGBT face a big discrimination and are if most certainly sometimes if not always dismissed by family, with such rejection many teens are kicked off to the curb and many times face mental and physical stains, which they often struggle with alone. (teens from …show more content…

The youth experience traumatic experiences such as harassment, stigma from heterosexuals within the shelter, and abuse from peers/shelter staff because of their sexual orientation or gender representation. In addition, youth this makes it extremely difficult for a youth to bear with and are kicked out because of their sexual identity or voluntary leave. Because of such harassment and negative experience many LGBT youth chose to live on the streets than heterosexual homeless. LGBT youth homeless also indulge higher rates of drug use, conduct disorder, post-traumatic stress, and suicide …show more content…

LGBT Shelter Centers Available:
1.) Los Angeles LGBT Center---Youth Center on Highland---Ages (12-24)

Services Provided

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