LTE Case Study

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Video Broadcast on LTE Abstract: The Broadcast service over is still a system to be commercially employed feasibly.In this paper we discuss how broadcast can be done over LTE-eMBMS and corresponding resource allocation strategies which will allow us to improve our performance. 5G systems are designed to be operational by 2020,we find whether it is feasible to employ LTE-eMBMS from a commercial point of view. Introduction Video streaming over LTE has seen a multiple times increase in its operation ever since it was launched. This was made possible due to the fact that LTE supports a high data rate. There are some difficulties to implement the LTE which will be discussed later. However in reality it is not the case. In this paper we would …show more content…

There needs to be a adaptive mechanism so that our backbone network is aware that which users are getting the content and the quality of reception. This is because there may be a case where we might be transmitting from the eNodeB but users are not getting content due to bad channel conditions. So accordingly video quality could be changed and we may fulfil requirement of the same user. However only thing is that we compromise on video quality. LTE supports Frequency division duplex (FDD) and also time division duplex (TDD). TDD can is done for cases where cell size needs to be reduced significantly. We consider FDD here because it is widely used for implementation. However as number of users are increasing we will be going for TDD in the future. The technology is such developed that device may operate in TDD with one node and FDD with other node at the same time. For our case, we consider FDD as it is currently being used to a large extent. MIMO implementation in LTE MIMO techniques are essentially a major part in LTE framework.Some prominent features of MIMO which are very useful for LTE case are as follows- Transmit diversity: In this multiple antenna are used to transmit same block of code. the code is divided into 2 or 4 blocks. The numbers 2 or 4 are critical.lte does not support transmit diversity greater than 4. Feedback: The feedback from UE is not in form of the acknowledgement for every

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