The Growth Of The Internet

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Introduction The growth of the internet has had a positive effect on various aspects of human activities ranging from professional life to social life. More people are having access to the internet with time and the products and services offered through the internet are increasing. Online streaming is one of the services that have experienced a surge because of improved quality and access to the internet. Online video streaming from paid or free online channels are very popular among individuals, and they hold major entertainment promise. This can be justified by the varied nature of content that is streamed by internet users spread across the world. For instance, there is a wide range of the type of videos streamed by internet users, which includes movies, Television series, Television shows, documentaries, and cartoons. The access to this kind of online content is enabled by various online streaming providers whose main role is the provision of access to video content through the internet. Large number of internet users subscribe for online video content. Conceptualization of transaction cost economies is important in making decision to subscribe for online video streaming. Transaction cost refers to cost incurred in making transaction (Groenewegen, 1996). Transaction cost holds importance in online purchasing. Economies in transaction cost leads to subscribe for online video content. There are certain factors that affect transaction cost. These…
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