Lab Report : Gravimetric Analysis Of Sulfate

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Selena Tran
Chem 4A Lab Section 401
Formal Lab Report 1
Gravimetric Analysis of Sulfate Formal Lab Report
Three measures of unknown sulfate salt was measured and placed into three beakers with water, Hydrochloric acid, and Barium Chloride. The solutions were heated until Barium Sulfate precipitated and the solutions were filtered through ashless filter papers to collect the precipitate. The filter papers were combusted until only the BaSO4 remained, and the precipitates were massed in crucibles. Using the masses of the BaSO4, the percent composition of the sulfate was calculated and used to determine the percent composition of the sulfate in the original unknown sulfate salt. The experiment performed was required for gravimetric analysis of sulfate to find the mass percent of sulfate in the original unknown sample. Without gravimetric analysis, it would be much more difficult to determine the mass composition of sulfate ions in the unknown sample. The ending result showed that the percent composition of sulfate in the unknown salt was approximately between 23.65% and 29.55%.

Introduction: It is important to be able to determine the amount of sulfate in unknown samples because sulfate is used in producing many varieties of things that humans are exposed to, including water and air. If humans ingest water where the concentration of sulfate is too high, it may cause diarrhea. High concentrations of sulfate can be used as laxatives as well. Sulfur
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