Lack Of Sleep Deprivation In High School Children

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Not Enough Sleep Many high school students and adults are not getting enough sleep, which results in sleep deprivation. “Sleep deprivation… affects the lives of more than 41 million adolescents in the United States alone, sleep deprivation is a chronic problem for kids today” (Emsellem). This is happening due to school starting too early while students are being assigned a lot of homework, resulting in many of them staying up late at night to complete it. Many students have jobs or after-school activities (e.g., band, sports, choir) which leads to them to getting home later in the evening. This leaves the student with the choice of going to sleep and likely making a bad grade on their school assignments, or staying up late to finish their school work to help them earn a good grade. Unfortunately, having few-to-no hours of sleep leads directly to sleep deprivation, or any other sleep disorder, causing daytime drowsiness, trouble focusing, and trouble remembering during the day. All of these symptoms may have a detrimental impact on a high school student’s grades and their brain activity. Lack of sleep results in sleep deprivation, which can lead to bad grades, so schools should consider alternative solutions to the school day.
Schools should consider starting at a later time in the morning so students can get plenty of sleep at night. According to a high school student who was interviewed in the article, Snooze… Or Lose!: 10 ‘No-War’ Ways to Improve Your Teen’s Sleep Habits,
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