Essay on Lack of Focus and Knowledge Hurts Individuals and Business

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Common principle and tools of making a better decision
The lack of focus or even the desire to improve decisions and decision-making processes is every individual or organization’s problem. Managers are faced with the stakeholders that focused on results and most of the time they want immediate results rather than making informed decisions. We realised that in order for managers to make an informed and optimized decisions, to improve outcomes and manage risk, the following guidelines was established.
Guidelines on making a better decisions
• Increase Your Knowledge (knowledge is power);
• Use Your Intuition/perception;
• Don’t Overstress the Finality of Your Decision;
• Weigh the Pros and Cons; and
• Make Sure the Timing Is Right. …show more content…

Despite his best efforts, he can't get his staff to agree on a best way forward; so, he decide to use the plus/minus tool to reach a decision.After sometimes of brainstorming and good natured shouting of ideas, he tally the scores and come to a surprising conclusion. The group that opposed the process may be right: it may not be a good idea for others and he could be wrong.

Don’t Overstress the Finality of Your Decision
Jan.L (2010) state that “Very few desicion are forever”, there is more give in deciscion than we realise.Knowing when to quit is sometimes is the smartest thing a manager can do because we believe that Not every decisions is a good decision.

Make Sure the Timing Is Right
When people are down their actions are agressive and destructive affects decisions and opposite. Good managers have stable, mature personalities. For an example: if the employers are on strike. The manager must not just take a descision without having to sit down and listen to the grievences of the employees. When aproaching them with a descition the manager need to know if is the right time to deliver the descision.

Example: Take for instance if the company want to buy more a cars – Price – Style

It is important to note that they must know what kind of cars they want to buy as well as the prices. They need to know the cars they want to buy as much as the dealer or the seller. Price is not the only choice. They will need to buy the best with the best. Before collecting the

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