Laconic Kylix Of Prometheus And Atlas Essay

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The Laconic Kylix of Prometheus and Atlas The ancient Greek civilization had many sources of influence. Mythology played its part in the society, affecting the citizens and their art. As time progressed, the detailing of the myths did as well, allowing for what was once a primitive accompaniment to grow over time into widely regarded works of art. Each of these pieces that are now displayed in the museums of the world are representations of the society and their culture. As an audience, it is made clear to us through these art works that the Greek civilization was heavily interested in their connection to the world and their gods. An example of this interest can be seen in the Laconic Kylix with Prometheus and Atlas. The titans Prometheus and Atlas were used by the ancient Greeks to reason the state of the world as it was, thus the artist made sure to stay true to the myths surrounding these figures. This object is considered a work of art because it…show more content…
The Kylix is an artistic depiction of these myths as Prometheus (right) and Atlas (left) are shown carrying out their punishments. The color of the vase itself allows its viewers a simple yet impactful depiction of the myth. It is made of ceramic that is painted black, the figures being the only decoration allotted on its tondo, or base. The artist used three colors to fill the background of the setting.The black is used as a stark contrast to white, making the details of the figures stand out. Red represents the blood and liver of Prometheus as he is eaten by the eagle. Although the vase itself isn’t grandly decorated, the titans are realistically depicted. It is hard to overlook the display of pain on Prometheus’s face as he tilts his mouth down and cries out with his eyes. In addition, Atlas displays his weariness by clutching his back and hanging his head
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