Laissez Faire 's Faire Leadership Style

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The laissez-faire leadership style can be seen by some as lazy or a type of leadership style where the leader is non-existent. A leader who uses the laissez-faire leadership style is backing away from the traditional idea of a manager or leader, and allowing the employees to make decisions or tackle problems on their own. The laissez-faire leadership style was developed in 1938 in compilation with both autocratic and democratic leadership styles. This leadership style is best when the workforce is made up of very educated and highly skilled individuals who are capable of developing and meeting their own deadlines. At times it can be confusing to employees as to whether their leaders are using the laissez-faire leadership style or if they…show more content…
1). Laissez-faire has the tendency to cater to the wishes of those in which will receive the benefits. If implemented in the wrong organization, laissez-faire can create more issues that it will solve. Laissez-faire has been proven to be at its prime when it is used near the top of organizations or at the executive management level. “A laissez-faire leadership style delegates decision-making to managers and senior staff with expertise in their fields (Gill, 2015, Laissez-faire leadership pros, para. 1). Within the laissez-faire leadership style, the responsibilities of employee’s actions are completely on the shoulders of the individual employee. They are to report to their supervisors and are held responsible if concerns or issues arise. Laissez-faire encourages employees to increase their motivation in order for them to perform at their highest level. Employees who enjoy freedom and lack of supervision inside an environment that allows for boundary less creativity and innovation flourish in laissez-faire organizations. I do not like the laissez-faire leadership style simply because I believe employees need structure and guidance. I could see where some organizations would benefit from this type of leadership style. One way this leadership style would be successful would be if all the employees were highly organized and self-motivated individuals. In my experience, it has been extremely difficult to find said employees and then to
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