Language And Culture : Language As But It Were An Object

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In the above statement, Grugeon and Gardner criticise those who ‘view language as though it were an object’. By describing language as an object, it gives the impression of something static; incapable of growth or adaptation. In the author’s view, to think of language in this way disregards the different meanings that words can have in different social contexts. Language is a constantly evolving tool for communication and while many view it as though it is a constant framework, static and unchanging, the truth is that language is always developing and changing. To get the most out of language we must view it not as a strict set of rules; rather we should view it as the socio-cultural construct that it is. Language and culture are closely …show more content…

When children play with other children they learn and develop social skills through the interactions they have. Additionally, they will learn unfamiliar words and phrases by taking in the words and phrases vocalised by the other children they are interacting with (Villarroel, 2015). Children may be more eager to cooperate in a classroom that uses play based learning methods as the additional stimulation can maintain their interest for longer. With this in mind, teachers in an early childhood environment should not only encourage play in a classroom environment, they should set time for it in class and organise lesson plans with play based learning methods in mind. Examples of play based learning in an early childhood setting include: Role playing to learn about a particular historical figure, learning times tables through song or simply encouraging children to group up and use their imaginations during recess. From a social interactionist perspective, the most important influence on language development for a child will be adult figures that have a significant presence in their lives. The child will learn language through communication with that adult and the conversations the two have together will help model language to the child to stimulate growth. A parent, grandparent or carer might assist the child to expand their vocabulary through the

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