Language As A Tool Of Oppression

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Human beings can communicate with each other by language in amazing ways. Humankind can express feelings by a single spoken word, such as the word love or in a Shakespearean sonnet that conveys the same feeling in a standardized written form. Language as a term, “is both oral and written.” (Gee & Paul p.7) A welcoming smile can say hello to a room the same as a clinched fist can show anger. Language is diverse, it can bridge the gaps in society or be used as a tool of oppression. Standard English, a language that is used in formal setting such as in the classroom, can educate and inform people from all backgrounds, diverse/multicultural to world standard classes.
The purpose of this essay is to highlight language and communication in its different forms, (written, spoken, seen and heard) and their keys to education, social development in childhood and thereafter. We also look at conventional language such as the written and spoken word. As well non-conventional forms of language such as gamification and body language as seen forms of language and their roles in student development.
Language can be heard.
Spoken or oral language is the backbone of humankind and has been expanding since the dawn of humanity. Children begin adapting to language from the moment of birth long before they are able to speak it. Infants as early as six months old, are thought to be able to understand basic words that pertains to that child. (Welsh) Basic language such as momma, daddy and bottle or…
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