Language Can Be Described As A Means Of Communication In

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Language can be described as a means of communication in written or spoken form whereas literacy is reflective of a person’s efficiency in using language. The way language and literacy are taught in a classroom cast vastly differ due to the social and cultural factors influencing it. The essay is broken into 3 segments; the first is to explain the topic statement by Grugeon and Gardner, the second is to determine what are the socio and cultural implications affecting language and literacy, and third is to define why is it important to understand those implications the effect they have in a classroom setting. In order to understand what grugeon and gardner are trying to say it is important to first form a basic understanding of what…show more content…
In order to understand the implications of teaching language and literacy in the classroom, it is vital to understand the impact of socio-cultural norms on language itself.
Dewey (as cited in) argues that interaction between teachers and pupils is the key to quality and impactful education, therefore a teacher should have an understanding of language and literacy in a classroom and how it is affected by social and cultural factors. One of the social and cultural factors affecting language recommended by Green() is how language is interpreted based upon the socio-cultural background of a student. Green provides an example about an advertisement which led to a difference in opinion amongst his friends. Subsequently, two out of the six friends had varying social backgrounds and did not find the ad offensive due to the different interpretation. The example provides a clear demonstration of how the same piece of communication in the same language was interpreted differently due to the difference in social and cultural backgrounds. Using the knowledge gained from the example by Green() and applying it to a classroom setting could impact on the teaching style implemented. By referring to Green it would be necessary to consider a teaching style where English could be more effectively taught to a student where English is there predominant language. In the same setting a student who has English as their
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