Laparoscopic Unilateral Salpingectomy

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Laparoscopic unilateral salpingectomy
During laparoscopic salpingectomy unilateral, one or two are removed the fallopian tubes. This procedure is performed with a minimally invasive method that uses a laparoscope (a tiny camera) and tiny instruments inserted through small incisions.
Also known as:
Tubal removal
Laparoscopic surgery
Laparoscopic removal of unilateral fallopian tube causes: A unilateral salpingectomy is used to remove a pregnancy in which a fertilized egg is implanted in a fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy). Bilateral salpingectomy is used to treat women who have been diagnosed with fallopian tubes with chronic infection (salpingitis)
The analysis is generally based on the presentation of symptoms, a positive
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