Larry Rosen Idisorder Research Papers

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A reading that I would assign for the class is called iDisorder: Understanding our obsession with technology and overcoming its hold on us by Larry Rosen, Ph.D. I would assign this reading because it addresses the “disorders” that one has because of technology. Each chapter points out a different disorder, uses an example of our everyday interactions that are related, and some of the signs and symptoms associated with each disorder. It is also a simple text that is very easy to read so it would be very doable to say that someone can and should be able to read a chapter a week. There are also pages that are filled with statistics and charts to supplement the reading that makes it easier to digest. An assignment that I would seek would be a close reading and analysis of the “iDisorder” that we all have, due to our own excessive usage of technology. For example, technology promotes narcissistic behaviors, such as tweeting about yourself every day (me forming), and referring to your “haters” as does you believe to be envious of you. If someone is ever guilty of any of the disorders that are mentioned in the book, such as “phantom vibration” syndrome, or believing that your phone is vibrating and thinking someone is reaching out to you, even when your phone isn’t in your pocket, it would be a great idea to have students more aware.…show more content…
We can survey the class and see who has ever experienced some of the symptoms associated with the disorder and how they have attempted to combat it, if even at all. We can also find out who is even aware that they are suffering from any
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