Law And Ethics : Dental Fraud For Profit

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Law and Ethics: Dental Fraud for Profit
Tessina Jernigan

Dentistry is a unique and beautiful healthcare field. We as individuals whom work in the dental office can impact the lives of those around us. There are those who abuse the system, instead of having the patient’s best interest at heart. This causes many patients to become fearful, and loose trust within the professionals whom work in the dental field. Not only are there ethical issues that arise across the country; there are legal issues as well. It is common that the two go hand-in-hand. Dental insurance fraud is one of the most common hardships that people come across. Dental fraud not only affects the company that pay for the care, it affects the business in which it occurred, it affects those who pay for the insurance, and ultimately the patient. The patient should be the primary concern of the whole dental team. I have personal experience with dental professionals abusing dental insurance. I had unnecessary treatment performed on healthy teeth, just so the office would use every bit of available insurance, and then some more that I was responsible for. It was very traumatic event for myself. I went from having a few filings to needing an inlay, to then being told I needed a root canal, after the individual got the inlay stuck in my tooth. I refused the root canal treatment. I was numbed seven times that day, and by the end of it all I felt everything. It made no sense at all.

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