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As a freelance writer and reporter, I have done more than my fair share of articles for the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as countless projects for private clients. I am by no means a professional investigator of any kind, but most of my work is that of an investigative journalist, taking requests via email or phone calls. Almost all of the requisitions I receive are involving current political issues or corporate pilferage. A lot would say the kind of work I do isn't as urgent or important as murder or rape or other "serious" crime, but I am a firm believer that all cases deserve an equal, rigorous investigation for a chance to truly get to the bottom of the case and bring the correct culprit into justice …show more content…

Though authorities did come to a verdict, many were dissatisfied with the outcome, and many accused them of a cover up. The incidents were relatively famous at the time, but as the cycle of news continued, the public gradually forgot. For me, the cases were a little more personal. I grew up right around Lake Tahoe, so I went to school with most of the kids in Maplewood. Though I wasn't close with any of the victims, they did make the crimes much more real to me. It was the mother of one of these kids who brought the case back up from the pits of my childhood memories. Her daughter Sadie, a classmate of mine in high school, reportedly committed suicide during the events, though Mrs. Keller is absolutely convinced it was something else entirely. Mrs. Keller told me in her recent phone call, ever since she lost her daughter, she has continually been on the police's tail, begging them over and over for them to take another look into the events that took place, which the police denied her. She eventually moved to private investigators, most of which also turned her down. The investigators told her the case was too controversial, and they wanted to stay out of it. She tells me that's how she eventually came into contact with me. The infamous Misfortunes of Maplewood Heights would last over a two year period; from around November 1989 to January 1992, consisting of kidnappings- mostly children, as

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