Leaders Who Have Impacted Me The Most

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When I think leaders who have impacted me the most, there are many that come to mind. I think of whom I have served with, former United States Presidents, and people who are first responders. I think of many others in history and others who have fought battles not associated with wars. I contemplated for days on whom I felt impacted me the most with their legacy. I decided to choose a leader whom I have known my entire Army career; SSG Lacy L. Behl (Brown). It was not an easy decision to select SSG Behl because I have known many leaders in the Army that have outstanding legacies that positively impacted my career. SSG Behl has always been there for me. She has shown me the strength of her character (through her actions in her military career and throughout her civilian life) when she faces challenges head on. She has a commanding presence and does right for her country, her family and herself. She is the example I strive to embody daily for the soldiers I serve with.
In 2004, SSG Behl and I were stationed in 101 MI Battalion together during our first tour in Iraq. Despite her MOS being 96H (CGS Operator), she was acting S2 NCOIC at FOB Warhorse as a SGT. Additionally, she was selected to be the platoon sergeant when her supervisor was terminated due to nefarious activities. Even with her different MOS’, SSG Behl demonstrated that she could not only shoulder the responsibility of multiple positions but also ensure the mission never failed. Her flawless agility to

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