Leadership Analysis : Kotter, Fixer And Fire Fighters

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Furthermore, Kotter provides that eight-step change process that change process integrates participative leadership empowerment and system thinking which suggests that to make effective change, the leadership structure and process. So the concept of management and leadership is not new as there is long history behind in the past which describes that what managers and leaders do and have to make effective change. As the concept is very vast so to summarize the following concept is based on as follows such as Mintzberg (1973) asserted that management is not a pre-planned process but the managers needs to spend more time in order to adopt such skills as problem-solver, fixer and fire-fighters. However Bass (1985) characterised the transformational leaders as a vision, optimistic, integrity and intellectual challenge and Alban-Metcalfe (2003) further elaborate the notion of transformational leadership in terms of innovation, culture and people. Argyris (1998) has focused the empowerment skills in leadership so that leaders can retain their employees. Moreover different authors provided different methods to analyse the leadership competencies that helps in improving the challenging trends.
Moreover Yukl (1990) proposed 13 different leadership behaviours and he provides factor analysis based work that required effective performances. However, the term leadership and management is confused by some people’s. Boyatzis (1993) described that mostly people assumed that leaders are those

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