Leadership Analysis : President Bill Clinton

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Leadership Analysis Review
For this Leadership Analysis, I chose former President Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was born in Hope, AR on August 19, 1946. At an early age Bill had an experience that changed his life on July 24, 1963, a young Bill Clinton met President John F. Kennedy while attending Boys Nation. This meeting inspired the future president to pursue a life in public service.
Bill Clinton was a President that did not allow anyone to tell him something could not be done. If this President found that something could not be completed, he would go as far as possible and then start on the next agenda on the list. He was a well-organized President with people in his cabinet that admired this ability. President Bill Clinton changed the entire ambiance of the country with his command of emotional intelligence. When the country was torn on issues, he would find a way to bring people together and solve the problem, or at least reach a successful consensus. Personal problems riddled the Clinton presidency, but this did not stop the forward successes claimed by this giant of a man. Unemployment was a sore subject, but under President Clinton’s direction the economy grew and women and minorities finally began to be placed in high positions in the federal government. The private sector grew and added a high number of jobs in the economy
Bill Clinton has displayed all five areas of self-awareness. His Emotional Intelligence includes his famous quote “I feel your pain” during his
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