Leadership And Its Impact On Leadership

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“Let the light within you to shine brighter than the light shining on you.”- Dabo Swinney
This approach to life and leadership perfectly describes what my family has instilled within me from a young age. Leadership has intrinsic value and yet seems foreign and intangible to the masses. Noticing this, I have decided to do all I can to recognize and implement effective leadership. In my life, learning how to become a leader by following has bolstered my leadership potential. Executing on leadership and committing to success in the little moments means working the hardest when no one is watching. Reproducing leaders, not just managing followers, is a mindset that I am dedicating my life to, so that I can leave a lasting impact, a legacy on …show more content…

Learning to follow is an invaluable asset that I have utilized in my life.
When a leader is remembered by the general populace, they are often remembered for one single moment of greatness. George Washington Carver is remembered for his invention of peanut butter, but an appreciation of what really cultivated his leadership is often neglected. Leading is not solely about the moments when the spotlight is shining, but more often it is about working the hardest when no one is watching. Carver spent nearly every waking hour researching a solution to poor returns on cotton in the south. When he found that the peanut was a valuable candidate for crop rotation, and that peanuts could be used in hundreds of different ways, including peanut butter, he shined. This relentless dedication made him to be a leader in his community. Rising to positions of leadership in my life has often been a result of tireless toil. As a student athlete on the football team in high school, I would stay for extra drills each day after everyone left. Eventually more joined. This led to my being voted defensive captain. By the end of my senior year, the whole defensive squad often stayed late to run my drills alongside me. If I had not chosen to push myself and work when no one was around, I would not have developed into the player or the leader I was by the end of my senior year. Working harder than those you lead is a valuable mindset.
Although there are many areas I need to grow in

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