Leadership As A Social Influence Process

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Leadership is considered a social influence process by which a leader seeks the voluntary participation of followers in an effort to reach an organizations goals (Budworth and Mann, 2010). Furthermore, it is also a process where one person exercises social influence over other members of the group (Budworth and Mann, 2010). Leadership is also a process that involves leaders influencing their followers towards a specific goal achievement (Budworth and Mann, 2010). The concept of leadership is extremely broad and consists of countless theories that apply different concepts to explain what leadership is. The topic of research for the purposes of this paper is the role that gender differences play in transformational leadership in correlation to job satisfaction. This area needs some extra research as many of the studies reviewed within the literature review and outside of this paper have not had enough female leaders to participate in studies. Now, more and more female leaders are emerging and taking on leadership roles, which make it important to study this topic further. Additionally, according to many studies, more leaders and managers are becoming transformational leaders, thus it is important to study the impact that the transformational leadership style has on individuals or employees.
Literature Review
Leadership Styles:
Transformational and Transactional Leadership
James MacGregor Burns and Bernard Bass in 1978 were the first people to actually

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