Leadership Case Study

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Organizational Culture and Transformational Leadership Theory Introduction: Some leadership scenarios call for a steady hand, a stable vision and a patient approach to achieving long-term goals. By contrast, some leadership scenarios find an individual or a group of individuals thrust into a high-pressure situation where competition decision-making and fast action are demanded. The case study InterContinental Communication describes the latter scenario, and in doing so, dictates the specific leadership approach called for. Based on the information presented in the case study, Jeremiah Bigatallio will assume leadership of a department with a decidedly toxic working culture and will do so under tremendous pressure to simultaneously bring about change and achieve some kind of harmony within the engineering services department over which he will now hold jurisdiction. As the discussion here below will show, Jeremiah's situation demands a 'transformational leadership' style. Leadership Problems: There are a number of leadership problems facing Jeremiah as he enters into a department which has critical flaws both in terms of its internal culture and its performance capabilities. To a large part, these conditions may be attributed to a prior leadership context in which there was no accountability. Jeremiah's predecessor believed in a decidedly hands-off approach to leadership, delegating oversight to subsection directors, avoiding confrontation with underperforming personnel

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