Leadership Competencies Of The United States Healthcare Industry

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Leadership Competencies
For years in the United States healthcare industry, leaders were not hired with formal training already under their belts, but were thrust into management. This under sight has now started to change because of the new health care laws. The healthcare field has realized that employee turnover was high, and costs were out of control. A main cause of such problems were discovered to be due to a lack of proper guidance and leadership. Healthcare leadership has many challenges “healthcare executives are expected to lead their organizations and their employees with integrity, honesty, energy, and enthusiasm” (McAlearney, 2006, p. 979). Until recently this was hard without competent leadership.
Three different leadership competencies and styles I will discuss today, all of which are the most commonly practiced in today’s society, are participative, crisis, and autocratic leadership. I will also discuss listening, communication and encouragement as leadership competencies. Each of these styles can be used throughout a leader’s tenor, the needs at that time would dictate the style which is used for that particular situation. However, only one style can be used at any given time. Participative leadership requires that an employer ask and listen to one’s employees. Then act on their wishes, within reason, and when proper resources are available. Being an autocratic leader means, that the manager runs their work area, without feedback or very limited feedback

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