Leadership Definitions Of Leadership As A Leader

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At some point in life, someone is required to become a leader; many organisations and specific situations require a leader (Northouse, 2014). No matter the profile of the individual, there are demands placed on the individual which require them to deal with many responsibilities and duties which can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time but this depends on how well the individual handles themselves in these situations. The important question is; “what is leadership?”. Many people question what this term means as it is a fundamental skill which is required in the workforce (Avery, 2004). Leadership definitions have been approached in various ways with many authors relating to the nature of leadership rather than distinctively…show more content…
There are many definitions for leadership but as defined by Stogdill (1950), it is “an influencing process aimed at goal achievement” whereby a leader is the individual who is responsible for leading a team to set objectives laid out by an organisation (Bolden et al., 2003). It is of course how a leader approaches leading a team that can have a considerable influence of the success of an organisation.
As a result of the various definitions of leadership which have evolved over the years, many approaches to leadership have progressed changing the focus and direction of leadership (Rost, 1991). Early theories such as the trait and behavioural approaches focus on identifying the qualities and characteristics presented by great leaders and what those great leaders did and how they acted in particular situations; which characterised them as a “successful” leader (Northouse, 2014; Zaccaro, 2007; Yukl, 2010). The trait theory identifies that if the leader is endowed with superior qualities that differentiate themselves from their followers, then it should be possible to identify these qualities from a leader (Bass and Stogdill, 1990). The trait theory explains leaderships in terms of personality and character of an individual. Bass and Stogdill (1990) posed two questions; “What traits distinguish leaders from their followers? What is the
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