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Leadership Experience-Describe your leadership experiences. Please include organization information, your roles, and length of service. Please limit your response to 3000 characters (~500 words). In the past couple years, I’ve had multiple leadership positions with the Boy Scouts of America; each one teaching me valuable lessons about being a leader and about life. The most recent one would be serving on the Grand Canyon council as a National Eagle Scout Association and an alumni representative. I’ve been on each of these for four years now. For the N.E.S.A. (National Eagle Scout Association) my role was to help retain new Eagle Scout to stay active with scouting and not just be done. The way I accomplished this was by putting together service events and had them help organize certain parts of it and act as team leaders as well. After each event, we would meet together and discuss what went well and what didn’t go well and what we can do to improve for the next project we would do. With the alumni committee, I am one of the founding members of it for the council. My role with them was more with working with the venturing scout relations of the committee and also in charge of the scholarship board that we put together. In the alumni committee, I would help recruit older venturing scouts (formerly known as explorers) to join the association. One of the ways I would help recruit people to the association was by inviting them to service project and to the meetings we had
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