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Leadership Interview Paper
Leadership is a fundamental part of everyday life! Leadership and the concepts and practices associated to it play an intricate role in the society in which we live in. This one aspect of life is so vital to the existence of the human race that is taught to children at a very young age. As an adult, I can look back over my childhood and recall many memories that have fashioned the person that I am today. The most prominent memories, which I can recall from my childhood, include hot summer days, riding my bicycle, and childhood games. As I look back over my childhood, I reminisce over childhood games like Follow the leader, Simon says, and Mother may I. Now that I am an adult, I can see the life lessons …show more content…

Now that we all have a solid understanding of leaders and leadership lets recap the interview that I conducted last week.
Last week, I conducted an interview with Obeyda Jackson who is a leader in the retail industry. Jackson is currently a store manager for DD’s discount store, which is a division of Ross stores. Ms. Jackson has worked in the retail industry for over ten years operating in various leadership positions within organizations like Hobby Lobby, Burlington Coat Factory, and Family Dollar. Her leadership experience includes positions like key holder, assistant store manager, and now general manager. On a personal note, Jackson is a wife and a mother of two wonderful children. Jackson is originally from Puerto Rico and is fluent in Spanish and English.
During the interview process, I asked Jackson several questions pertaining to her views on leadership and her personal leadership style. When I asked Jackson to define leadership she stated, “Leadership is how I empower individuals to get things done.” She went on to say, “Leadership is an art or a skill that requires practice and determination.” When I asked Jackson what is her personal leadership style she said that she was a democratic leader. As my interview progressed, I went on to ask Jackson who has been the most influential leader in her life and why? Jackson responded that she had a supervisor

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