Leadership Is An Essential Quality For All Managers

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Leadership is an essential quality for all managers. However, it is true that leadership is also one of the biggest shortcomings seen in managers. Some managers merely view their job description as completing tasks, but really management focuses on how the tasks are completed. Mastering this concept cannot be done very easily, which is a reason why so many managers lack effective leadership qualities. The qualities of an effective manager are numerous. For starters, effective managers must pay attention to their employees. Without knowledge of how one 's employees learn, react to certain situations, or even how they communicate feelings, management will not succeed. For example, an effective manager would have to consider teaching his or her employees in a way that is suitable towards the employees ' learning capabilities. The employees will then be able to grasp a concept far better than if they were taught in a foreign or uncomfortable way. Managers also need to observe the way that the employees react to certain situations. For instance, if one employee cannot handle a line full of impatient customers effectively, then the manager should replace that employee with one that handles stressful situations well. When a manager knows his or her employees personalities then trust and a sense of commitment is built. Effective managers must also reward employees for a job well done. Rewarding not only signifies appreciation, but, according to Searles (2015), it also will

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