Leadership Is Something That Can Be Learned, But Leadership

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Leadership is something that can be learned, but leadership style is something has to be developed out of oneself as an individual. Although leadership styles can be categorized into different types, no one has an exactly same leadership style with another person. However, one person’s leadership style can be a combination of multiple leadership styles and approaches. Whatever is unique about you is the significant element of being a good leader and one has to find out that by themselves. I have learned that one should not try to be someone else in order to lead others. The only one has to do before being a leader is to find out your true self, such as what is your motivation. To be honest, I have not learned much from the textbook. What…show more content…
Accepting being asked critical questions is another skill which allows the leader to improve and gain new insights into themselves. The question-asking process provides people an opportunity to exchange perspectives and learn from each other of different aspects. Moreover, a conversation is the best form of communication. Whenever a person has an opportunity to communicate with others, he or she should make it a conversation, even with a subordinate who made a mistake. It allows information be changed through two sides but instilling information into somebody. By doing this, a leader can avoid a lot of misunderstanding and negative feelings and establish a smooth relationship with the team. The relationship can help the whole keep united and pull through difficulties. Being seen as one of the team is also a part of a leader’s responsibilities in order to inspire the team. There are plenty of elements of being a good leader and being a leader is really complicated. However, everyone can become a leader as long as you try to be. Everyone should have their own leadership development plan on hand as an agenda to evaluate and then improve themselves, and they should be flexible to change anything besides principles. I have already developed my own leadership development plan as my handbook by listing important steps in

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