Leadership Is The Leader, And One Where A Leader Inspired Me

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This essay describes several personal leadership experiences, three where I was the leader, and one where a leader inspired me. Two of the experiences happened at work, while two happened in a non-profit organization among volunteers.
In each experience, the essay presents the leadership style used and discussed appropriateness of the leadership behavior. These experiences led to new values and changes in ethical views and interpersonal relationships. The essay also explores the relationship between the leadership actions and organizational outcome.

First leadership experience: transformational leadership. I was the operation director of an outsource contact center which helped clients in setting up and …show more content…

Kapur (2016) wrote that job satisfaction depends on job attributes and work conditions and that five influencers are the job itself (occupation), the manager’s behavior (supervision), affiliation (colleagues), compensation (earnings), and career prospect (advancement). Moreover, career management and employee development programs increase organizational commitment and job satisfaction and help in retaining talent (Kaliannan, Abraham, & Ponnusamy, 2016).
Leadership outcome. Transformational leadership was useful in changing the values of the staff, and reducing staff turnover in an industry where turnover was traditionally high. Radda, Majidadi, and Akanno (2015) wrote that managers must respect and treat employees fairly, and must be committed to the organization if they expect their employees to do the same. In addition, many of the staff turned leaders began mirroring the leadership behavior they observed, and it created a culture of trust, fun, team work, and high quality in the company. This is consistent with a study’s finding that a leader’s authentic ethical behavior influences the behaviors of their immediate reports as well as those several levels below in the organizational hierarchy, and increases team level helping behavior (Hirst, Walumbwa, Aryee, Butarbutar, & Chen, 2016).

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