Leadership Philosophy And Goals For Success

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In order to roll out the leadership philosophy and goals for success we will need to use all the different levels of staffing to do so. The first position that will be used is the Chief Executive Officer, this role will be used to roll out the plan to the organization. This will be achieved by utilizing a mixture of conference calls, all employee meetings, and also email. By using these multiple different mediums we will be able to touch the different employees throughout the organization. The goal for this role would be to give a holistic view of the changes. Highlighting the key takeaways and the results after the goals have been achieved. The timeline for this step would be the starting point for the entire process. By offering the original opening statement and also continual updates throughout the process, once a quarter the company can come together to track progress. The specific item at this stage would be a roadmap of success. By presenting a clear concise roadmap would fall in line with the success goals that the company will need to follow in order to be successful. The next stakeholder that will be responsible for implementing the new organizational philosophy would be the executive management team. This level of the organization will have impact on all the different segments of the business. The time line for this level of support will be ongoing, once the initiative is kicked off the executive management will be in charge of delegation of the
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