Leadership Principles Of A Good Leader

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Leadership principles in a good leader start with an honorable character that gallantly serves an organization. I believe leadership is serving others, and working with others to triumph a significant mission. I plan to strive to lead by having a positive attitude, painting a clear path to support others, and providing a sense of humility and integrity. I believe in the power of difference in moving the world forward. I plan to be a successful leader by showing others they trust and confide in me. There are four leadership styles, high supportive and low directive behavior (S3). Here the leader uses supportive behaviors to bring out the skills of the employees instead of focusing on goals. High directive and high supportive behavior (S2). This is a high directive coaching approach. High directive and low supportive behavior (S1). This seems to be more like a directing style, giving instructions. Low supportive and low directive behavior (S4). This kind of leader gives control to subordinates and refrains from intervening social support. I find myself to be more like a (S3) a high supportive and low directive behavior.
Leadership framework consists of personal leadership, self-understanding and identifying values. Personal management and professional behaviors. Interpersonal leadership with teamwork and civic responsibility. Leadership framework makes the picture clear to everyone how it ties in with the business strategy and purpose and gives people an idea
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